First and foremost, please realize that as busy, full time working parents, we certainly have a plethora of things we’d rather be doing the creating this website. Our ONLY objective is to hopefully prevent other children from having awful experiences similar to our children and hopefully encourage both CAPOUSD and ECOS institute to take the steps necessary to entire equal treatment of all children visiting their camp.

By trade, I work as a software engineer and my wife works in corporate finance.

Part of our reasoning in creating this website to to show our kids by example that if you are treated badly, you need to stand up for not only yourself, but you have an obligation to help prevent the traumatic experience you had from happening to other children.

We have nothing to gain other than to help prevent a traumatic experience for other kids

We are NOT seeking any kind of monetary compensation from ECOS. We are not suing them. We have not asked for anything other than an apology and that they re-evaluate their policies.


Beyond educating other parents, we do have a list of specific requests from ECOS in order to help ensure that ALL children attending have a good experience. Please see details here.