Below of a list of the specific issues that parents should be aware of:

  1. No Communication with your children for the duration of the trip
    1. Unwelcome Food Augmentation
    2. Food Bullying
      1. Our children were told “ipsum” …
    3. No accountability
      1. Will CAPOUSD take your complaint seriously or take any action to prevent this from happening to other children
    4. Poor Quality Food
    5. Threats of medication for not drinking water


    One of our main objective with this site was to help educate other parents about the dangers of sending their children to ECOS camp. We think the concept is great, but we are hopeful that ECOS and CAPOUSD will make the below changes to ensure that ALL student have a good experience.

    Here are some of the policies we would like to see improved:

    1. Abolish the “no communication” policy. Children should be allowed to communicate with their parents during their trip. This will allow parents to intervene if a situation similar to ours occurs. ECOS completely broke our trust with their actions pertaining to our children.
    2. Ensure children with special dietary needs are treated equally along with their peers. Specifically:
      1. Food should be delivered at the same time the other children are service, not delayed.
      2. “Food Bullying” should be completely eliminated. Students should not be mocked or made fun of for having special food needs that are beyond their control.
    3. Post trip surveys should be sent home with students and completed with their parents (Our school is doing this, but not all are). Children may be apprehensive about being honest in their surveys while still at camp. This is what occurred with our children that were also concerned the school teacher would talk to them about any negative feedback.
    4. A more transparent and formal process of dealing with incidents (such as ours) should be put in place.
    5. Since the school district has a vested interest in selecting ECOS and making them successful, a 3rd independent party and advocate for the children should be present and there for the children that have issues. At a minimum, the school teachers our children trust should be present with ECOS staff when issues arise. There is no objective, independent and safe place for the children.
    6. All rules should be shared with the parents prior to any trip. This includes the ridiculous minimum 2 cup mandatory water requirement per meal. Obviously this place has very limited education and knowledge to understand that each child is different and their physiology is different.
    7. Rules regarding medication should be followed to a T. Threatening to medicate a child should not exist. A 3rd party should be present in the event of an issue related to medicating a child.