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  1. Hi, thanks so much for making this information available! I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to your daughters. I agree with your list of remediations. I can’t find it in myself to just trust ECOS taking care of my son for a week after not only reading your story but a few others on yelp and facebook. I really hope CAPOUSD forces ECOS to make some changes, because this is just ridiculous! Please keep me posted on any updates. I am really hesitant about sending my son at all as he is gluten intolerant and would need to be sent with meals too.

  2. Horrible experience for my daughter. As the website says, same type of issues with threatening kids. The instructors are fake. It is their words against innocent kids that they will bully and threaten. I believe the school teachers are in cahoots with this place. Reporting this to the schools means nothing. The schools pick them and won’t ever put the kids first.

  3. My son was yelled at by his camp instructor for also not wanting to drink the water requirement!!! Thank you SO MUCH for pulling this website together. This place lacks any integrity. They call themselves an institute that cares about nature yet they can’t care about my kid enough to work with him instead of punishing him!!!

  4. My son hated his experience. He said not only was it boring (all they do is nature walks) but the showers were broken. So they didn’t shower all week. The bathrooms were filthy. The food was gross. He couldn’t wait to come home.

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